Caregivers in Suffolk NY: Volunteer Organizations for you and your Aging Parent

Volunteer Organizations for you and your Aging Parent

April 19, 2017

As your parent becomes older and requires more assistance in order to age in their home, don’t feel like you have to provide all the support they need without any assistance. Being a primary family caregiver is a great source of inspiration and will provide wonderful memories for both you and your parent, but it can also be demanding and challenging. Making sure that your schedule leaves two days a week for you to partake in those activities that bring you great joy helps you remain refreshed and revitalized and lead a balanced life as you help your parent lead one as well.

Volunteer possibilities abound. Not only can they help support you and your parent, but encouraging your parent to volunteer can help them as well. In fact, studies have shown several benefits that those in their senior years accrue from volunteering. These include higher levels of well-being and lower rates of depression. The increased brain activity associated with volunteering shows a preservation of cognitive function. Perhaps the biggest benefit to your parent is the intangible—the sense of belonging and giving back to their community at large. And the time they’re volunteering offers you the time you need to rejuvenate and recharge.

There is a wealth of opportunities to volunteer within any community. From the local animal shelter to the hospital or a museum, there are many organizations that require volunteers just to sustain themselves. The Corporation for National & Community Service has several organizations with seniors in mind. These include Senior Corps, an organization that connects people who are 65 years of age and older with the organizations that need them. They may provide help as a mentor, a companion, a builder, or other areas that their community requires support. Where there is a need, a senior can often fill it.

Just as your parent can benefit from the process of volunteering, you and your family can also gain support. There are often volunteer transportation services that communities provide for homebound seniors. Many communities have a volunteer food delivery system such as Meals on Wheels designed just for seniors in need. Your parent’s Area Agency on Aging can often point you in the right direction. Whether getting or giving back, volunteering offers a sense of belonging. It inspires those involved to live a better life in order to help support those they care for that are in need.

In-Home Care Provider
If you find you need assistance caring for your parent, consider the services of an in-home care provider. These professionals can assist with the daily activities of living as well as prepare meals, do the grocery shopping, provide transportation and companionship.

If you or an aging loved one are considering hiring a professional caregiver in Suffolk NY, contact Star One Home Care and Medical Staffing at 718-733-2222 or 914-362-0899. Call today!

Patricia Coffie, RN, BSN, MFA

Patricia Coffie, RN, BSN, MFA

Director of Client Services at Star One Home Care
Patricia Coffie, RN, BSN, MFA is Director of Client Services & Director of Phoenix Nurse Aide Training Center. Before assuming the post in 2012, Patricia was the Director or Nursing & Service Delivery at WRC for 3 years where she was the strategic lead for nursing and services to members.

Patricia started her nursing career 19 years ago at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and research institution in New York City, and since then has gained experience in Adult Intensive Care Units (ICU) , Pediatric Care (PICU ), Operating Room (OR) , mental health and community settings. She later moved into director of nursing roles, where she obtained extensive experience in leading and developing the nursing profession. She also pioneered good partnership working with other health care organizations, as well as social services, and the wider community.
Patricia Coffie, RN, BSN, MFA

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