Home Care in Westchester NY: Tips for Talking to Dad About Home Care

Tips for Talking to Dad About Home Care

May 5, 2017

As an adult, it’s hard to admit you need help. Your dad’s pride is going to get in the way of admitting that he’s lonely or that he simply can’t do the same things he used to. There are gentle ways to get your dad to admit he needs home care. Here are a few of the best ways to discuss the needs for home care.

Focus on the Advantages

Bring up all the advantages your dad will gain if a home care professional comes to the home. Most older adults get tired of cooking their meals, vacuuming or sweeping floors, doing laundry, and changing linens. Point out that if home care came in, your dad would have help with the tiresome chores and have more time for fun activities.

Point Out How Home Care Keeps Him Independent

One of the biggest benefits to home care is the ability to remain at home. Make sure your dad knows that with a caregiver coming to the home, he retains his independence. He won’t move to a group home or your own house where he’d have to live by your rules. Home care enables him to stay in his home where he sets his own rules.

Ask a Trusted Professional for Help

The discussion to bring in outside help may go better if you have another person’s opinion. Make sure you chose someone your dad respects, such as a long-time family physician or religious leader of your dad’s church. Have that person sit down with you and discuss the benefits of having a professional come in to help with household tasks that have become a challenge.

Suggest a Trial Run

Make sure you emphasize that home care doesn’t have to be set in stone. Mention the myriad of ways he can have help at home and that services can be customized to meet his preferences. Suggest a trial run with a caregiver to start and see how your dad likes it for a week or two. If that caregiver doesn’t work for him, remind him that you can try other caregivers and schedules.

When you and your dad are ready, call a home care service to discuss his needs. Make sure he’s involved in the process and gets to ask every question he has. Involving him in the process is key to gaining his acceptance.

If you or an aging loved one are considering home care in Westchester, NY, contact Star One Home Care and Medical Staffing at 718-733-2222 or 914-362-0899. Call today!

Patricia Coffie, RN, BSN, MFA

Patricia Coffie, RN, BSN, MFA

Director of Client Services at Star One Home Care
Patricia Coffie, RN, BSN, MFA is Director of Client Services & Director of Phoenix Nurse Aide Training Center. Before assuming the post in 2012, Patricia was the Director or Nursing & Service Delivery at WRC for 3 years where she was the strategic lead for nursing and services to members.

Patricia started her nursing career 19 years ago at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and research institution in New York City, and since then has gained experience in Adult Intensive Care Units (ICU) , Pediatric Care (PICU ), Operating Room (OR) , mental health and community settings. She later moved into director of nursing roles, where she obtained extensive experience in leading and developing the nursing profession. She also pioneered good partnership working with other health care organizations, as well as social services, and the wider community.
Patricia Coffie, RN, BSN, MFA

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