Star One Homecare Dementia Experts

Individuals with dementia often feel vulnerable and in need of reassurance and support. Our caregivers have been trained to be flexible and tolerant, to make time to listen and chat, and care for our clients. We are committed to promoting safe and supportive environment to ensure clients live safer and better within the comfort of their own homes. We’ve trained our caregivers on a wide range of subjects and key modules that we found of particular interest:

  • Brain functions
  • Cognitive capacity and neurological impairment
  • Impairments in memory, language, visual perception, spatial awareness, planning and judging
  • Different types of dementia
  • Cultural diversity in dementia
  • Older adult health and the use of psychotic medication in dementia

Alzheimer’s patients; Our caregivers are also trained to recognize the various behaviors associated with each stage of Alzheimer’s and how to deal with such issues, confusion, anger and aggression, agitation, suspicions, and delusions. Our caregivers help to stimulate clients’ minds and keep them mentally and socially active. They also reduce depression and can even help manage some emotional/behavioral issues such as “sundown syndrome” refers to a state of confusion at the end of the day and into the night. Meanwhile, our caregivers provide peace of mind and much needed respite for the entire family too. Our Caregivers are trained to be patience, empathetic and provide the following:

  • Stimulating Companionship as this combats depression
  • Meal preparation with proper diet advances nutrition
  • Interactive Communication and Active Participation slows mental decline
  • Exercises like ambulation and range of motion aids strengthen blood flow
  • Continuous observation ensures Clients safety