National Peanut Month

March 4, 2016

Senior Care in Darien NY

You eat them when you are taking in a baseball game. You snack on them while you are flying. You spread them on a sandwich or smear them on apples for a flavorful snack. You might even pick them out of the snack mix on the holiday buffet table. Did you know, however, that peanuts can actually be a healthy and beneficial addition to your senior care efforts for your senior parent?


March is National Peanut Month, the ideal opportunity for you to learn more about the potential health benefits of enjoying more of these tasty legumes in your diet and to find creative ways to snack, cook, and even drink with them at any time of the year.

Some of the health benefits of peanuts include:


Rich in monounsaturated fats that improve heart health and reduce the chance of developing cardiovascular disease by up to 21 percent.


Good source of niacin and folate, both of which are also fantastic for supporting heart health.


A great source of antioxidants that fight off the free radicals in the body and protect against cellular damage. Studies have shown that peanuts actually have as many antioxidants as many fruits, making them a great choice for improving health and even warding off several types of cancer.


Studies have shown that eating peanuts two or more times a week reduces the chances of developing colon cancer by 27 percent in women and a truly astonishing 58 percent in men.


The protein in these legumes when combined with a complex carbohydrate produces what is referred to as a “complete protein”, or one that contains all of the essential amino acids. Protein is a source of lasting energy as well as the building block of tissue throughout the body.


There are countless ways that you can enjoy peanuts, but try this recipe for a twist on traditional peanut brittle that will give you a treat you will actually feel good about eating:


What You Will Need

Softened butter

1 and 1/2 cups of lightly salted roasted peanuts

1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon

Vegetable oil, for coating

1/2 of a teaspoon of cayenne pepper

1 and 1/2 cups of water

3 cups of sugar

A spatula

A small bowl

A medium sized heavy saucepan

A wooden spoon

A sheet pan

A silicone mat or parchment paper

What to Do

Combine the peanuts, cayenne and cinnamon in the small bowl and set aside

Brush the heavy saucepan on the inside with vegetable oil

Add the water to the saucepan

Add the sugar to the water and turn the heat to high

Allow to cook on high while stirring with the wooden spoon

Cook on high until it comes to a boil

Stop stirring, and cover

Allow to continue to cook for 3 minutes

Reduce the heat to medium, and remove the cover

Cook until the sugar is a light amber color

Prepare the sheet pan with either the silicone baking mat or buttered parchment paper

Stir in the peanuts

Working quickly, as the peanuts greatly reduce the temperature of the sugar, mix evenly

Pour the mixture onto the sheet pan with the baking mat or buttered parchment

Use a buttered spatula to spread thin

Work quickly to spread a single layer

Allow to cool completely

Break into pieces and serve

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Patricia Coffie, RN, BSN, MFA

Patricia Coffie, RN, BSN, MFA

Director of Client Services at Star One Home Care
Patricia Coffie, RN, BSN, MFA is Director of Client Services & Director of Phoenix Nurse Aide Training Center. Before assuming the post in 2012, Patricia was the Director or Nursing & Service Delivery at WRC for 3 years where she was the strategic lead for nursing and services to members.

Patricia started her nursing career 19 years ago at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and research institution in New York City, and since then has gained experience in Adult Intensive Care Units (ICU) , Pediatric Care (PICU ), Operating Room (OR) , mental health and community settings. She later moved into director of nursing roles, where she obtained extensive experience in leading and developing the nursing profession. She also pioneered good partnership working with other health care organizations, as well as social services, and the wider community.
Patricia Coffie, RN, BSN, MFA

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