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Private Hire of Caregivers

When a client/patient hires an individual privately from classified ads or from a friend of a friend, the client is solely responsible for:

  • Screening,
  • Reference checks,
  • Criminal background checks,
  • Negotiating terms of employment and payment.
  • The client or family becomes a household employer and is required to register with the IRS.

In the event of performance issues, absenteeism, illness or injury of the private caregiver, the hiring process begins again, and again, and again. Let Star One Home Care and Medical Staffing take care of all this for you. We are here to help don’t do it alone.


Communicating among insurance providers, hospitals, doctor’s offices, medical suppliers, and family members is a full time job. We are here to help. Star One Home Care and Medical Staffing can be a voice for you in your time of need. We will speak on your behalf, ask the right questions, relay information to you and your loved ones even accompany you or a loved one to doctor visits.

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