Spring Changes and Caregiver Stress

March 17, 2017

Now that spring is here, every family caregiver across the country will likely be focused on the warming weather. For those in the northern portion of the country, the cold months of winter can be a drag. It can be depressing, frustrating, and in some situations dangerous.

For those family caregivers, stress is a part of life.

This is what most family members who are supporting an elderly or disabled adult loved one begin to realize before long; stress is going to be a part of this job.

Coping with stress is not always easy. Some people develop certain coping mechanisms, including exercising, eating too much junk food in a depressive state of mind, and more. During the springtime months, when the temperatures soar, the sun is shining brightly, and it feels absolutely glorious to get outside, a person who is responsible for taking care of an aging family member may still feel trapped, just as they felt during the winter months when it was simply too cold to go out and enjoy life.

Remember, you’re not Superman.

No matter how capable you are as a family member, you can’t do everything. Your elderly loved one may only require minimal assistance, but what if they require more than you can offer? You might have to sacrifice some time at work, relationships, and possibly even going to the gym.

During those springtime months, you may be focused more on what you’re not able to do instead of what you could have been doing to help support this elderly family member.

What do you look forward to during the warmer weather?

Many people enjoy going outside. Maybe you enjoy gardening. Perhaps you like to spend some time at the beach, at the park, or going for walks in the evening around your house. Whatever you enjoy doing when the weather turns warm, you may not be able to do those things because all your free time is devoted to this aging loved one.

What about the senior? What has he or she given up?

You might not think about it much, but that elderly person has probably given up a lot of things he or she used to enjoy. Is there anything they would prefer to do in the spring and summer months? Maybe they’d like to do some gardening, too.

A home care aide can allow both of you the opportunity to regain some traction in life and start enjoying it like you did before they needed assistance.

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Patricia Coffie, RN, BSN, MFA

Patricia Coffie, RN, BSN, MFA

Director of Client Services at Star One Home Care
Patricia Coffie, RN, BSN, MFA is Director of Client Services & Director of Phoenix Nurse Aide Training Center. Before assuming the post in 2012, Patricia was the Director or Nursing & Service Delivery at WRC for 3 years where she was the strategic lead for nursing and services to members.

Patricia started her nursing career 19 years ago at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and research institution in New York City, and since then has gained experience in Adult Intensive Care Units (ICU) , Pediatric Care (PICU ), Operating Room (OR) , mental health and community settings. She later moved into director of nursing roles, where she obtained extensive experience in leading and developing the nursing profession. She also pioneered good partnership working with other health care organizations, as well as social services, and the wider community.
Patricia Coffie, RN, BSN, MFA

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