August 14, 2015



How to Use Heat and Cold to Ease Your Loved One’s Arthritis Pain

Elderly Care in Darien NY: When your elderly loved one is experiencing an arthritis flare, you may be tempted to try a variety of complicated treatments. In actuality, though, simple treatments such as heat and cold can be effective quickly.

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Osteoarthritis and the Elderly

Home Care in Suffolk NY: Arthritis is a general term that refers to over 100 different diseases of the joints. 53 million American are affected by this sometimes ravaging disease.

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What to do When Your Parent will not Listen to You

Senior Care in Nassau NY: It can be difficult to watch an elderly parent make poor decisions or mistakes. While you may have the best of intentions when trying to help your loved one make the right choices, they may refuse to listen to your advice.

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The Experiences of Others Can Point Out the Value of Home Care Options

Elder Care in Putnam NY: When you go online to shop for a particular product, especially if it’s a considerably expensive item, do you ever look at the reviews?

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