August 14, 2015



Is Your Elderly Loved One Safe at Home?

Senior Care in New York NY: Safety for your elderly loved one is essential to help her stay as healthy as possible. Try some of these general safety tips in order to keep your loved one from falling or experiencing other potential issues.

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Simple and Healthy Meal Ideas for Seniors

Elderly Care in Chappaqua NY: Nutritious, healthy meals can be difficult or too time-consuming for older adults to prepare. As a result, they reach for easy pre-packaged meals that are high in fat and calories.

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Scheduling an In-Home Care Provider

Home Care in Darien NY: You’ve decided, as a primary family caregiver, that you need to take two days off during the week to recharge and get some items off of your own personal to-do list.

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Winter Weather Terms You Should Know

Senior Care in Rockland NY: As a family caregiver it is your responsibility to do what is necessary in order to keep your aging parent as safe, healthy, and comfortable as possible throughout the year.

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Foods to Decrease the Stress of Family Caregiving

Elderly Care in Suffolk NY: Stress can sometimes get the best of you. People have always led busy lives; however, as a family caregiver, you have most likely doubled your workload in a short period of time.

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