August 14, 2015



How Can You Help Your Parent Avoid Malnutrition?

Elder Care in Nassau NY: Malnutrition is a serious risk for older adults. Millions of seniors throughout the United States struggle with not getting the right nutrition for their body each year.

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5 Ideas for a Loved One Who Needs a Liquid Diet

Senior Care in New York NY: Liquid diets can get bland in a hurry. By using a little bit of creativity, you can spice them up a bit for your loved one.

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How to Help a Loved One with COPD Fight Fatigue

Home Care in Putnam NY: Fatigue is a very common side effect of COPD for many patients. With some time and a few solid strategies, you can help your loved one fight that fatigue.

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How to Help Your Loved One Adjust to Having Elderly Care Providers

Elderly Care in New York NY: Are you getting resistance from your elderly loved one about hiring elderly care providers? Try some of these suggestions.

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