August 14, 2015



4 Tips for Dealing with Concerns about Your Elderly Loved One’s Driving

Your elderly loved one has probably been driving since before you were born. It’s a badge of independence for him, and he’s likely not going to admit that he’s having trouble driving. Sometimes, though, your loved one may have issues that mean he can’t drive the way he used to and it’s important to know when it may be time for him to leave the driving to someone else.

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Volunteer Opportunities for Seniors

Seniors who are new to retirement may find that they have a lot more time on their hands than they may have expected. While this is excellent for those who are interested in taking up new hobbies and projects, it can leave others feeling bored and aimless.

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Elderly Care Nutrition: Turning a Healthy Salad into a Wintertime Meal

You already know the important role that nutrition plays in your elderly care journey with your aging loved ones. What they eat is vital to how they feel, their energy levels, how their bodies function, and their ability to ward off infection, illness, and other health concerns.

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Helping Your Loved One with COPD Incorporate Exercise into His Day

Elder Care in New York NY If your loved one has COPD, then he might be reluctant to add exercise to his routine. However, exercising is really important for building up his strength. If you start out gradually and keep some of the following tips in mind, your loved one will be exercising regularly in […]

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Senior Care Issues: Taking Stock of Changing Times

Senior Care in Bronx, NY: They were once the leaders in industry, heads of the household, powers in their own right, or the ones upon whom all depended. And now they find themselves dependent on others.

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